Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I Love About You.

> I can be myself when i am with you <
> I can tell u anything, and u won't be shock <
> I love thingking about u <
> I love the way u hold my hand <
> I love the way u smell <
> I love u still when u'r angry <
> I love u still when u'r sad <
> I love u'r sense of humor <
> I love how modest u r <
> I love how patient u r with me <
> I love going out with u <
> I love that we r best friend <
> I love that u still love me <
> I love having pictures of us together up on my desktop n phone <
> I love the way u spoil me <
> I love how u'r always so sincere <
> I love ur courage <
> I love how u never let me down <
> I love that fact that even though we haven't been together before for very long, already u feel like my whole world <
> I love the polite way u talk to people <
> I love the way u comfort me <
> I love how u can get serious with me <
> I love ur maturity <
> I love that u can be yourself around me <
> I love the way u tell stories <
> I love all the expressions ur face makes <
> I love how well u keep ur cool <
> I love how when i just randomly smile, then realize that i'm thingking of u <
> I love how sensetive u r <
> I love the way u think my jokes r funny <
> I love how doing things that remind me of u <
> I love looking at the sky and thinking "we share the same sky" <
> I love how i still want to share so many things with u <

 I love the fact that the lists and love never ends...............

notakaki> SARANG HAEYO!!!

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